Capstone project for Sheridan College's 'Game Development - Advanced Programming' course. I worked on this project with a team of two other programmers. We created a 3D multiplayer shooter in 4 months writing most things from scratch. Everything was written in C++. We used RakNet for networking and OpenGL for the rendering. I was responsible for graphics/animation in the engine as well as some other smaller tasks. I wrote an animation blending system using GPU skinning. I made the fog of war a dynamic mesh that was then used in a stencil draw call. I also wrote a small block allocator and worked on the cross-thread double buffered messaging system. I needed to modify a plugin for Maya to allow the program to export animations into our format.

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Prodigy Game

I'm currently working at Prodigy Game on their awesome math platform. We release updates frequently so our thousands of daily active users have something new when they come back. Working on such a large scale MMO has had me face some interesting technological challenges, but that's the best part of the job! I've also recently had the opportunity to move into a role that lets me mentor more junior members of the team.

MD5 Animation System

My final project for the graphics course at Sheridan College. Written in C++ with programmable pipeline OpenGL. This program could import MD5 models ( from DOOM ) and play them off. The program could switch between CPU and GPU skinning on the fly. You could cycle through animations and also blend two animations together with varying weights.

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Circuit Panic

Developed at Vinyl Games Studio. Released on iOS, Android, Blackberry and PC. All versions of the game used our in-house ToneArm Engine. I implemented an OpenGL/OpenGL ES renderer using the programmable pipeline. I wrote a variety of tools for asset management like a spritesheet packer and a level editor. The game used sprites for the animations and also had a basic puppeting system to allow the customizable hats to stick to the birds during their animations. The languages I used were Java, Objective-C, C++ and GLSL. For the tools I used C# with WinForms.

Astro Guardians

Unreleased game from Vinyl Games Studio. This game was developed using Unity3D. I worked on a variety of tools for our asset pipeline and some game features. I wrote most of the UI systems in the game. I created a tool to import different costumes for the characters and the system that allowed them to mix and match the pieces while working with existing animations. I also wrote a tool for managing all the unlocks and in-app purchases in the game to allow for easy additions and modifications. The game was developed using C#.

RD2L Fantasy

I've been playing in the Reddit DotA 2 league for about 2 years now. During my 3rd season I built a site to run fantasy for the league. Right now the system is running using Ruby on Rails but I want to rebuild it in the near future using React. Each season usually has about 100+ people using it to make picks and compete every week.